EXP understands that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our customers’ information are vital to their business operations and our own success. We use a multi-layered approach to protect that key information, constantly monitoring and improving our application, systems, and processes to meet the growing demands and challenges of security.
* Items can be adjusted based on individual customer Service Level Agreement.

Data Centers

Our service is collocated in top-tier data centers. These facilities provide carrier-level support, including:

Access Control and Physical Security

Network Security

Network Protection


Applications & Data Security

EXP security teams are dedicated to ensuring your applications and data stay secure and available.

Application Environments*

Authentication Security

Application Connectivity


Disaster Recovery*

Governance Security

Security Maintains

Application Vulnerability Threat Assessments

Security Monitoring

Testing and Control

EXP delivers award-winning Enterprise Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) management systems. Since 1999, EXP has deployed software platforms for clients in over 100 countries, including some of the most admired global companies. EXP’s customers are consistently recognized globally for their world-class QHSE programs. EXP partners with world-class language translation experts, incident investigation and root cause analysis experts, and the most powerful and flexible learning technology platform on the market.

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EXP Integrated Compliance Management Systems provide all of the necessary tools to implement comprehensive world-class QEHS and GRC programs.