Integrated Compliance Management

Automate processes. Streamline workflow. Achieve business goals.

The EXP Advantage

  • Protect employees, visitors and public
  • Improve communications through workflows
  • Promote and demonstrate sustainability
  • Enhance competitive advantage
  • Reduce risk and improve bottom line
  • Implement proactive best practices
  • Satisfy customers and know vendors
  • Comply with regulations

Leadership in Compliance Management

Protecting your assets

Leading multinational companies have chosen EXP as their global partner in compliance management to achieve their most aggressive goals in health, safety, environment and quality. EXP Integrated Compliance Management systems provide all of the necessary tools to implement comprehensive world class QEHS and GRC programs.

Compliance and Savings

EXP provides complete, scalable solutions that are intuitive, collaborative, cost effective, and rapidly implemented. EXP customers realize substantial cost savings through decreased incident rates, strategic training, automated processes, and risk management. EXP solutions include management systems for safety, health, environment, quality, audits, documentation, change, supply chain, training, and action items. EXP’s powerful enterprise reporting and dashboard features allow our customers to strategically target and prioritize their compliance efforts


EXP is dedicated to providing the latest and greatest technology and functions to our customers. Our mission is to ensure that EXP customers always have the newest version of our software. EXP customers have a voice, and we will continuously enhance our system with user feedback and best in class practices.

Release Information:

  • Version releases are available every 6 months!
  • All new functionality can be controlled by the customer.
  • Upgrades are seamless; no impact to the customer.
  • SaaS customers receive free upgrades and implementation.