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Environment management and reporting is a critical piece of organizational sustainability. All organizations face mandatory reporting requirements from regulatory agencies worldwide (e.g. US EPA – Toxic Release Inventory & EU EEA – Freedom to Access). Equally important is the growing corporate responsibility for voluntary environmental disclosure. Investors, shareholders, customers and employees expect easy and transparent access to environmental information.


We strive to improve corporate responsibility of environmental impacts to provide transparency to investors, shareholders, customers, and employees through voluntary reporting expectations, as well as mandatory reporting by regulatory agencies. Our software will, drive business efficiency, create competitive advantage, enhance reputation, and reduce risks.




We offer the most comprehensive and flexible Environment Management System (EMS) on the market. Our EMS drives business efficiency, creates a competitive advantage, enhances reputation, and reduces risks to your organization. Our solution is customer configurable, which eliminates custom programming and reduces the cost of ownership.

We provide a single global system, with automated data collection, workflow (e.g. notifications & approvals), calculations, and reporting, and standardized usage and accountability for investors, customers and employees.

Our software has an open architecture design, which is a flexible, modular, scalable and configurable platform specifically designed to inter-operate with clients’ IT infrastructure, which eliminates the need for customization and reduces support & maintenance costs.

Record & Investigate

Record all environmental incidents and audits, and track and control environmental risks in one convenient place. Modules include:

Measure & Track

Measure the optics that depict your past records and define your future success.

Continuous & Never Ending improvement

Develop and maintain best practices for continuous improvement in sustainability performance through top down commitment, continuous training and learning management initiatives.

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EXP delivers award-winning Enterprise Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) management systems. Since 1999, EXP has deployed software platforms for clients in over 100 countries, including some of the most admired global companies. EXP’s customers are consistently recognized globally for their world-class QHSE programs. EXP partners with world-class language translation experts, incident investigation and root cause analysis experts, and the most powerful and flexible learning technology platform on the market.

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