Audit Management


Manage Adherence to Standards, Guidelines, and Regulations.

Auditing is a critical piece of many organizational and compliance requirements. Formalized audit management programs and systems provide the ability to identify potential or existing risk, and implement actions to ensure improvement and compliance.

The Solution

The EXP Audit Management System (AMS) is a comprehensive audit management solution for all operations, local and global. The AMS platform is designed to quickly adjust to all business and compliance requirements.

The EXP AMS automates the execution of the complete audit life-cycle  Through integrated scheduling, execution, engagement of audit related personnel, checklist/questionnaires, findings, action items management, approvals & closure and their associated workflow; the EXP AMS will help ensure that all audit requirements are being addressed.

Checklists, Questionnaires, Criteria, Templates

The EXP AMS provides a flexible and easy way to create audit checklists, questionnaires, criteria, and templates. Configure custom audits or select from the existing audit repository maintained by EXP (e.g. Safety Audits, ISO, GMP). The AMS also supports ad-hoc audits with a standard set of criteria so audits can be performed on-the-fly for any area, operation, or function.


Ensure compliance through real-time monitoring of audit findings and their associated action items. Empower the workforce to execute audit requirements and ensure accountability.


Use a Flexible workflow to schedule, execute, and close audit requirements through email notifications, reminders and audit phase change.


Enable real-time reporting of audit criticality, scoring, and findings. Produce audit and risk reports/scorecards across all operations and processes. Generate formal audit reports in Word, PDF and Excel based on custom templates.

Application Components

Functionality & Highlights


EXP is dedicated to providing the latest and greatest technology and functions to our customers. As an EXP customer, you can expect significant functionality enhancements every six months!

EXP delivers award-winning Enterprise Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) management systems. Since 1999, EXP has deployed software platforms for clients in over 100 countries, including some of the most admired global companies. EXP’s customers are consistently recognized globally for their world-class QHSE programs. EXP partners with world-class language translation experts, incident investigation and root cause analysis experts, and the most powerful and flexible learning technology platform on the market.

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